Website Redesign Services Brisbane


How does a website redesign work?

First, we find out what is working on your website. What do you and customers love? What engages them and leads them to choose your business? We don’t want you to pay for replacing the good stuff – if it’s working, we keep it as part of the website redesign process.

Next we find out what could be improved. Is your content easy to find? Does the site look appealing? Does it show customers how to contact you in a way that suits your business ? Is the site easy to manage or does every change made cost you a fortune? Do you just need help adding content or ensuring that what is there is optimised for search engines so that it can be found?

Thirdly, you want to preserve your ranking whilst changes are being made. Super – so do we and we take every precaution to ensure that rankings are not lost in the process of improving your website.

As part of these processes, we get to know you and your business thoroughly. We find out what you do, how you do it, whether your goals or business direction is changing or your needs are evolving.

We take a holistic approach in our consultations to ensure that your online presence reflects you and your business now and can compete in the market as it exists today. Your website needs to meet your customers needs and adapt as those needs change or as the market in which you find your business becomes more competitive and crowded.

We place emphasis on the content on your website and ensure that it is optimised to gain the best search engine results. Your customers are real people looking for answers to the problems that they face – if your business can show them via the content you have on your website how you deliver those answers, your customers will have every reason to choose your business.If your current website doesn’t deliver those answers clearly and in a way that Google can understand, then a website redesign can help solve that problem.

At the end of the website redesign process, we can show you or your staff how to efficiently manage the website independently or we can provide ongoing support. The choice is yours and keeps you in control of your ongoing spend.

Contact Us today to talk to us about your existing website and whether our website redesign services are right for you.