Website Design & Hosting

You love what you do in your business but aren’t sure about the best website design or hosting solution – let us help with that.

Perhaps you’re not even sure what “hosting” is. We don’t speak “techie” just plain, easy to understand English and can explain the importance of a great web page and hosting plan.

If you want to have a WordPress website, then you’ll need to have a hosting account. That is where all of the content and functionality of the web page is stored. It’s sort of like the library and your web page is a book. We can arrange access to a  VPS hosting account (set up on your behalf if you like) as its affordable and gives you access to your own site to maintain if you wish.

We want to become your support team and take the struggle out of managing your online presence. We answer your questions about the process of website design and development and make it easy to get your business on the internet. We will also discuss with you what website hosting will suit your small business best.

You want to make it simple to get real results for your business from your internet design and online presence – that’s our specialty – turning complicated into simple.

Based in Brisbane, Australia our goal is to help small businesses get what you need from an website design. Our professional website designers will create a responsive website for your business or undertake a website redesign for you. At all times, you remain in control about how much you spend, how the website looks and functions and how website maintenance is carried out.

Our website creation process and search engine optimisation services are provided by professional website designers who take the time to really understand your business and ideal customers.

We’re not just website developers but marketers who know what it takes to generate real leads for your business.

With this dual focus (marketing and website design) and a great understanding of your business incorporated into the website creation process our website designs generate increased relevant traffic to your website and higher conversions of that traffic – which means more income for your business.

We work with you to ensure that the online marketing services we provide align with your business goals and deliver real verifiable results. We want to make sure that your website has great ranking in Google so that your customers can find you. That all means that you get to focus on what you do best – running your business!

We also provide some of the best website hosting for small business and email hosting.

Email hosting provides you with an email address that is personalised to your business domain name, your customers will feel more secure and better still, the email address can stay with the business when you sell. A personalised email address looks more professional and provides a more cohesive online brand for your business. It also makes it easier for you to manage your time as you’re not sifting through personal emails to find those all important business leads.

With local hosting servers, we provide some of the best website hosting for small business your customers aren’t kept waiting for your website to load leaving them frustrated, or worse still seeing them leave for your competitor’s site. We ensure that your website is secure and is regularly backed up so that in the unlikely event anything does go wrong, your website can get back up and running sooner.


Our goal is to provide affordable web design packages tailored to your needs

We will ensure that we deliver the best web design for each business owner taking into account your individual goals and needs.

An online website builder program can provide a basic website that provides your business with an online presence (if you have the time work out how to use them!).

However, with our affordable web design packages you also get our full support and performance reporting for the first 3 months FREE OF CHARGE.

We stick around to make sure that not only is your website up and running but that it is working in the way you expected it to and is moving your business closer to your online goals. This support is part of all of our website designs and website redesign services.

Build on your business’ success with our ongoing SEO optimisation and website security checks

We don’t stop at a beautiful website design but love to partner with our clients so we can continue to work with you providing ongoing website optimisation and maintenance ensuring your custom website remains up and running and generating more leads for your business.

Or if you’re comfortable and have the time, we can turn your website design and hosting over to you to manage yourself – the choice is yours.

We use the world’s most popular website platform WordPress which means you can make changes to your website yourself, without having to hire a specialist if you don’t want to in the future. We can show you how to do that before handing you the reins so that the transition is seamless.


Find out how an optimised website design can grow your business today

To find out more about how to promote your business, products and services with a professional website design, that is custom built for your business, CONTACT US TODAY. We’d love to work with you to help your business grow.