Clint’s business is now thriving thanks to his investment in targeted website redesign services and choosing to work with an SEO Specialist in Brisbane – find out what he did!


Clint's BUSINESS is THRIVING thanks to Targeted Website Redesign Services and choosing to work with an SEO Specialist in Brisbane - find out how he did it here!

Do you wonder what an SEO Specialist can do as part of their website redesign services and whether it would help to grow your Brisbane based business? Or does the term “SEO” confuse you – sure you’ve heard of it, but maybe you think it’s something that only big businesses need. And why on Earth would you get your website redesigned ? After all you you paid someone to “design” it for you – isn’t that enough? Clint had these exact thoughts but the phone still wasn’t ringing as much as he wanted and his Fisher & Paykel appliance repair and service business was just surviving.  

Then a chance meeting with a website designer who knew the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) led him to take the plunge and invest in himself and the growth of his business.  His website now has a user friendly layout, looks much more professional than most of his competitor’s sites and is targeting his ideal customers.  Did the investment pay off? You bet – look at the chart above – this shows how many more “search terms” or “keywords” that Clint’s website ranks for after the work. “So what”, I hear you say ? What does that mean? 

Those extra “search term” rankings translated into more people finding his website and giving him a call. Clint’s business is now thriving and he’s booked out most days. Clint doesn’t worry about the survival of his business or putting paying the bills – in fact, he finds it hard now to take time off!

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Here are 5 Things That Improved Clint's website - AKA SEO Internet Marketing Fundamentals

We’ll be sharing more about each of these concepts in articles to come. But in case you’re wondering what they’re about, here’s a short snippet about each. And don’t worry about the dollars – each of these concepts can and should absolutely be part of every affordable SEO package for your small business.

Finding your customers’ voice 

This is at the heart of every good site design – or at least it should be! 

The way search engines connect a customer with YOUR website is through the words used.  You need to find out what those words are. That way its easy for Google and other engines to know that your website will answer the question or solve the problem the searcher (YOUR customer) has. 

If you can do this better than your competitors, then your website will be actively working for you and your customers will be calling you. 

Structure and Layout

When your customer finds your website it needs to be clear that you can solve their problem. 

Nobody has time to go clicking through multiple pages or reading lots of text.

For Clint this meant that he had to make it clear that he was the guy that could fix all types of Fisher & Paykel appliances in Brisbane. 

He also made sure that his customers’ usual questions (eg. price, availability) were all answered in easy to find places on his site. 

He knows this led to him being chosen by quite a few customers.

Keeping it Simple

The other thing Clint’s web designer did was make sure that each page or article had a clear focus. That meant that it was easy to read for his customers. 

But what the web designer knew was that it also made it easy for search engines to know what each page was about ie. appliance repairs in Brisbane. 

You see it is pages or posts that get shown to a customer – not the whole website but a particular page that the search engine thinks will help the searcher (YOUR customer) answer their question.

Getting Connected Online

A lot of people think that if they have a website then that’s all they need to do to be “online”.

Clint had a website but it wasn’t really adding value to his business. His SEO specialist was able to explain that the more times his website and business appeared online, the more REAL his business looked to Google and the more likely it was that his site would be chosen when someone searched.

Clint actively added to his online presence – the simplest one being connecting his site to a Google My Business listing. 

This is one way of getting affordable SEO for your small business in Brisbane or elsewhere.

Going the Distance

Clint started with a website but then did nothing else. As part of the website redesign services, Clint chose to get a plan for regular updates and additions to his website so that his business looked current and active online. 

Search engines love websites that change over time. If you’re looking for information, do you want to get an article from 5 years ago, or something published in the last few months? 

Search engines know we all want current info which is why they prioritise sites that actively update and add content which is what Clint has been doing. SEO for small business can be affordable if done by an SEO specialist.