Why do I need a responsive website and what is a responsive website ?

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Did you know that Google will tell you if your business website is a responsive website design ? Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool does just that. But when we talk about a responsive website we’re talking about a website design that not only looks good on mobile but will also remain easy to navigate and easy to view on all devices regardless of their size. In that way, a responsive website design maintains its functionality regardless of the device being used. 

A responsive website design will also usually load faster than one that is not optimised for mobile which can boost your ranking and minimise the chances of your customers clicking off in frustration. In this day and age, social sharing can really help you to grow a bigger audience – with a responsive web design social sharing should be made easier for users.

If your website was built a few years ago, chances are it does not have a responsive design and you could be losing potential customers as they try to navigate their way around a web design that just wasn’t made with their device in mind. Customers nowadays expect to be able to access all of the features of your website regardless of what device they’re using to view it, and increasingly they are accessing your website from a mobile device where navigation menus can be harder to see or click on if they’re not adjusting to fit automatically.

More than 50% of All Searches are done by Mobile Users

Gone are the days when businesses needed to pay for and maintain two versions of one website – a desktop and a mobile version. Although some still do, they are becoming increasingly uncommon. If your web design isn’t responsive it will stand out and may give your viewers the impression your business is not current or is old fashioned – that’s not often a great selling point.

Another benefit of using a responsive website is lower maintenance cost compared to having two versions of the one website.

Search Engines Love A Responsive Website and Your SEO Efforts Will be Rewarded

Responsive websites have a greater likelihood of ranking high in search engine rankings. The ‘user focused’ experience, and access to your quality content will encourage users to look around – the time spent on your website is a factor search engines take into account in deciding where to put your website on the page. Google recommends a responsive website design pattern and keeping Google happy should be a priority if you want your business to be found. The good news is that as it makes for a good user experience, and more time spent on your site, you will naturally increase rankings across all platforms making the most of your SEO efforts.

A responsive website design saves you money, maintenance time and helps you to convert and retain more clients in the long run. Not sure if you have a responsive design? Contact us today for a free consultation and find out if you’re making the most out of your website.