A Guide to the Best Law Firm Website Design and SEO for Law Firms in Australia

law firm website design australia
law firm website design australia

Having worked with law firms for many decades, one of the most common questions we still get asked is whether spending time and money on a law firm website design is worthwhile? The second most asked question is whether there is value in obtaining SEO for law firms in Australia? 

The definitive answer to both questions, in our experience, is YES. Referrals from past clients and other professionals are great and often provide a good source of income. 

However, having your own lead generating website provides an evergreen income source independent of word of mouth referrals. Further, the best law firm website design has solid SEO foundations to make it far more likely your site will be found by your firm’s ideal clients.

As someone who has worked with the legal industry for many decades, I can honestly say that the competition amongst law firms (both online and offline) is increasing. To ignore your firm’s online presence in favour of continuing to target only word of mouth or professional referrals, is leaving your firm behind the pack. Your website can be the first opportunity for you to showcase your firm’s value, point of difference and reputation. This inevitably provides leads from a higher quality of client and a more diverse client base.

If you need help on how you can improve your presence on the internet, and how to land your pages on top of the search results, consult with a professional in law firm website design and specialist in SEO for law firms in Australia.

How does SEO for Law Firms Work?

When you collaborate with a company that offers specialised website design and SEO for law firms, the process will work like this: 

Initial Sessions

The initial sessions are discovery sessions, and this phase is where every website client’s journey should begin (although we are still surprised to hear that many web designers don’t take the time to do this). The initial sessions are discovery sessions, and this phase is where every website client’s journey should begin (although we are still surprised to hear that many web designers don’t take the time to do this). 

seo for law firms

The initial sessions are discovery sessions, and this phase is where every website client’s journey should begin (although we are still surprised to hear that many web designers don’t take the time to do this). 

Here, the emphasis is to gain an understanding of your business so that we can generate visibility for your firm to the right clients. We work with you to gain a clear understanding of your target market and your objective for them – what problems do they have and how can you help them to solve those problems?

We will ask you to give us information about your business, which our team will use to build SEO strategies specific to your firm. 

SEO Audit

The next step is creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results. Here, our team of analysts will review your existing online marketing SEO portfolios (if any). This could include your Google business account, current rankings, backlinks, internal and external links, and all the other types of links that matter for SEO.

Do you have a good idea of how your website performs on different mobile platforms? This is another important aspect that will be assessed. With search engines focussing more on usability (a group of metrics called Core Vitals by Google) we also consider your current page speed, contrast and readability of the content on your site. These are but a few of the items that need to be considered when optimising your site for better rankings. 


Keyword Research

Once we have gathered the information from you about your business, we identify the keywords (search terms) that are most relevant to your law practice. We need to gain an understanding of what keywords searchers use when looking for the legal services you provide? If your expertise is in personal injuries law for example, it will not assist you to get enquiries from people looking for a commercial lawyer.
Each legal specialty will have particular keywords which are relevant to that expertise. Do you practise in family law, criminal law, corporate law or banking? Are there restrictions on what your specialty can say on its website ? In Queensland for example there are quite significant restrictions around what words can be used on a law firm’s website.
We gain information on these search terms directly from Google (as one of the largest search engines in the world) and other sources which leads us to narrow down the most relevant and high quality buying keywords that deliver more real leads to your business.

Finalising the content and website

Once we reach agreement with you on the target search terms, our team will then guide you through the succeeding steps which are:

Content Development

Site Optimisation

Local Search SEO & Marketing

Buliding Links

Web Analytics

As a full service digital agency, we can curate optimised content for your website based on the best practices for SEO for law firms in Australia.
SEO for Law Firm australia

Best Practice for SEO for Law Firms

What are the best practices for SEO for law firms ? Here are ideas to incorporate as you craft and hone your strategy for legal search engine optimisation and which should form part of your ongoing investment in your website.

Understand Google through Trial and Error

Google ranks website pages in search results, and you have to comprehend how it does this job. You may not be able to fully unravel the algorithm it uses, but as experts in the field, we have a wealth of knowledge that gives us a fair idea of how Google works through our past trials and testing. 

The search engine’s task is to lead a searcher to the links that can give the best source of information for the searcher’s query. Some of the criteria that it uses to judge which links are the best include:
The above are a sample of the Google Ranking Factors. Once you have a full grasp of these things, you can readily optimise your law firm’s website in the right manner.

Focus on Your Local Area

After identifying the best keywords to use for your website, it is common to trim down the list with an eye to target your local area. Maximise the strength of those shortlisted keywords on your website by including them in the “high value” real estate on your website (the headings, the page titles etc). 

As a small to medium size law firm, your main objective is not to compete with big firms related to your business online – unless you have the budget to match them. Initially at least, your target demographic is your immediate community around your area. This will allow you to build locally first, and then expand as your business and website authority grows.