Small Business Website Design Brisbane

Small Business Website Design Brisbane

We love designing websites for small businesses to help them reach their business goals.

Our responsive website designs and affordable SEO packages are tailored to the needs of each small business operator. Studies show that your website only has 7 seconds to make an impression on each website visitor.

So your business website needs to tell them who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why you’re the best choice in a hurry or they’ll click onto another website.

There are many elements to achieve the best web design. Here are some of the questions we ask to make sure your small business website gets you the best results:

1. Why They Should Choose You?


If you haven’t had the time to fine tune your core marketing message our website designers can help as we also have experience in online marketing. Your tagline and the first 2 sentences that can be seen on your website should be clear and consistent with your brand. You want visitors to see you are credible and to know quickly about your speciality or target niche. We can help you make it concise and compelling or simply capture your existing brand vision in the web design.

2. What They Should Do Next?

Although there is a lot of talk about getting “traffic” to your website, if that “traffic” isn’t converting your website isn’t working for you. People visiting your website need to know clearly what they can do to get in touch – we call these “calls to action” (CTAs). Common CTAs include phone numbers and “Buy Now” buttons and you’ll find these clearly on the best small business website designs. We help you to decide on what the most effective CTA is for your customer and ensure it will work with your business. There’s not much point adding a phone number in as the main CTA if there’s no one available to answer the phone. If your customer really needs more information before they can decide on whether they choose your business, then perhaps a phone call rather than email address or contact form is the better CTA to use.

Not only do we work with you to find the best CTA for your business, we make sure that these Calls to Action are shown where your customers expect to see them. Generally, we look for a phone number in the top right of every page of the site. Your web designer should also know to put your contact details on the footer of every page along with quick links to your most valuable content. This is even more important for mobile (or responsive) websites where people are usually looking for a quick phone number, or details of office hours or your address.

3. Is It Working?

This is all about the return on investment. A quality website will not be cheap but when web design is done correctly and your business has a great product or service, it will pay for itself by generating more business for you in the form of leads or enquiries. Some web designers will refer to this as “conversion”. Tracking conversion is key to ensure that your internet design is delivering, or if not, to help work out what can be done to improve it’s performance. This is even more important if you are spending money on advertising as online marketing and Google adwords can be expensive if not measured and controlled. We aim to deliver better results and if your website designer cannot provide you with this information, it might be time to find a new one.

4. Is Your ‘About Us’ Page Only About You?

Yes, the About Us pages need to give a customer an idea of who they will be working with but that’s not all. You also need to tell them how you can solve their problem or why what you provide is just what they’re need. This also backs up your core marketing message and reinforces in their minds why they should choose you.

As professional web designers we help you plan the best way to present your About Us page to make it both specific to your business and engaging to your target clients.

5. Are You Providing High Quality Content?

Content is crucial and search engines love nothing more than good quality, original content. If you think you can copy and paste from other sources, think again – search engines are savvy and will penalise you for repeating content that has been seen before. Every point of contact you have with customers or potential customers, including website copy, an email newsletter or contact form, should be easy to read, easy to use, useful and delivered in a way that matches the interests of your customers.

6. Does It Look Good?

So not many people will admit that looks matter, but they do. Visitors might say that the look of a website does not affect their decision to stay or click off, however subconsciously they will be more likely to stay on a website if it’s visually appealing and interesting. Give your website visitors a compelling and creative website design and they are more likely to look around. They are also more likely to associate it with a good quality business.

Build it yourself websites can work for some people but they have big limitations and are generally unable to be customised to provide you with a bespoke or custom website design.

7. Does Your Web Design Company Care About Your Business? We Do.

Ideally we want to work long term with each business that we help to ensure (as much as we can) that each small business reaches its goals. Our goal in creating a great website design company is to partner with your business and provide it with better results, better service which will all lead to a better business for both of us.

It takes time to write, design and market your business via a website. Do you have the time to learn how to do that, and then the time to implement it? Do you want to lose focus on your core business to manage your website or SEO? You get out of a website what you put in. We understand that small businesses need an affordable website solution but also one that will save them time in the short-term and money in the long-term. As reliable, professional, service driven website designers, we will not rest until your website is working for your business.