Law Firm Website Design Brisbane

Law Firm Website Design Brisbane

Are you wondering how to compete with larger law firms who seem to have endless amounts of money to spend on marketing? Do you know you need a new law firm website, but aren’t sure where to start? You have come to the right place.

Better Website Design is your one stop shop for all of your Law Firm Website Design needs. Our focus is on providing you with a high quality online presence to match your level of professionalism and provide an optimum user experience.

There is no doubt that boutique law firms have a very special place in the law services area. When people are experiencing distress or facing a legal situation, the personal touch of a small to medium firm is often paramount in providing support and building trust in the justice system.

This is particularly true for family law firms and personal injuries legal practices, each of which has clients going through emotionally charged experiences.

Why is having a great website design for your law firm important?

As society becomes more reliant on digital services it is essential that your business does not get left behind.

If you have spent the time, money and effort to build a reputable business, it makes sense to showcase this through a professional, well designed website. Your landing page should be the digital equivalent of walking into your law offices. Your practice areas should be clearly visible and easy to understand to your clients.

Just as we check reviews on restaurants or hotels before we make a booking, people looking for legal services do the same. Law firm marketing does not start and stop with your website though.

Law Firm Website Design in Brisbane

A consistent and professional presence across many platforms in the digital arena is paramount for establishing your authority in the eyes of search engines as well as potential clients.

Here at Better Website Design we understand the importance of having a well designed functional website. We ensure that your website can integrate with your practice management software and social media accounts. We partner with IT firms who specialise in protecting your and your clients’ confidential information and files.

We want your website to reflect the services you provide and highlight your years of experience, qualifications and specialisations. Your outstanding work should never be overshadowed by a low quality out of date website. You work hard to do a great job for your clients. Your website should work just as hard for you.

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What is my Law Firm's Website Design missing?

Have you ever closed a webpage down because it’s taking too long to load? Ever given up reading a site because you can’t find the information you need or because it doesn’t have clear calls to action ? Or, worse, have you ever changed your decision to use a business because their website gives you a negative feeling?

Now imagine that is one of your prospective client’s thoughts when they look at your site. We don’t want that for you, or your clients! We want to provide you with a seamless, spectacular responsive website that encourages people to secure your services.

Your website visitors are looking to establish confidence in you before they even meet you, and a lawyer’s website is the first place that their level of confidence can be built or eroded.

A website from BWD will increase your chances of capturing new clients through organic traffic to your law firm’s site (often called lead generation). While eye catching design and important information is one component of a successful website, there are many functions behind the scenes that ensure digital success.

Your law firm website deserves great website hosting and professional, client focussed content

Website hosting is the power behind your website. Our carefully selected hosting partner (can you outbound link to your hosting service here) has been chosen based on the state of the art and lightning fast services they provide. This in turn means your website will function at maximum capacity at all times.

When prospective clients are searching for legal services, our technical additions make sure your business is more likely to be the first one they see. This is achieved by optimising the content on your website for both search engine algorithms but also for your potential clients.

Brisbane Law Firm Website Design

We work closely with our content writers to ensure that your content speaks to your clients in an informative but understandable manner, is engaging and keeps their attention by showing them how you can solve their problems.

With extensive experience in creating Search Engine Optimisation strategies as part of our web development services, Better Website Design is able to catapult your business in front of people searching for your services.

There is no point in having large amounts of content on your site if it will not produce results. Think of your SEO strategy as your opening statement in court or a carefully crafted contract. The words you choose lay the foundation for your success.

Law Firm Websites Design Brisbane

Why you should choose us for your law firm website design.

Who is better to design your law firms website, than an award winning digital design specialist who was previously an accredited lawyer?

We haven’t been able to come up with an answer to that question!

Our principal digital marketing specialist, Sharon Templeton has the perfect blend of creativity and legal experience.

Completing her Law and Business Degrees in 1994 Sharon was a successful member of the Queensland legal profession for 25 years. She has held the position of Legal Partner and most recently (before starting her digital agency) was employed as Special Counsel in the Personal Injury compensation space.

Over the last two years, Sharon broadened her learning and development to become a digital design specialist. These skills coupled with her legal background have helped Sharon identify a gap in the website design services offered to boutique law firms.

From the minute you employ Better Website Designs to curate your website you can trust your business is in very capable hands.

Whether it’s understanding complex legal jargon or your particular legal niche or applying legal regulations to the advertising of law services in Queensland, Sharon is in the best position to deliver an exceptional package.

Call us now for an obligation FREE digital strategy session and discover the amazing returns on investment having a professional, modern Law Firm website design brings. Don’t just choose to build a website, choose to build your reputation, authority and expertise online by working with an award winning digital marketer with an extensive legal background.