SEO vs Social Media Marketing: Which Is Better?

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Do you have an old-fashioned business that has been around for years, or are you a startup? Do you have the time to manage social media marketing yourself, or do you prefer working with professionals and agencies? Which is better: SEO or Social Media Marketing?

If your company has a lot of money in its budget, it might be worth hiring both. However, if your company is just getting started and needs to focus on one strategy first (or if it’s strapped for cash), there are certain strategies that may provide more long-term value than others.

We’ll discuss these two options in detail so that you can make an informed decision about which route best suits your goals.

When Search Will Be Better than Social

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So, how do you know the difference between a search engine and social media? Well, first of all. let’s take an example: Facebook.

On Facebook there are only two ways to get traffic – either by friends sharing your content with their networks or paid advertising. The problem is that most people don’t have time for this type of marketing because it takes too much work (and money).

Plus if they find one post interesting out of hundreds then chances are slim that they will see any other posts in their feed again from them! This means many businesses spend thousands on getting clicks without ever having someone visit their website or contact information page- which can be very frustrating as well! But now imagine what would happen when you combine both types together

If you’re like most people, when you need to find a professional business or service online, it’s natural for your first instinct to be a search engine. In fact with 1 billion searches per day on Google alone and 4 out of 5 consumers turning there first before other sources – at least if they know what they want! But why choose Search Engine Marketing over social media marketing? The answer is simple: research shows that searchers are more likely than not looking for information or goods rather than entertainment which makes SEO the best option by far.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at this report by Econsultancy – they found that 61% of consumers use search engines before they buy to help them in product research. So if you want people to find your products or especially, your professional services business (where trustworthiness and experience are paramount to the “buying” decision), ranking well for your target keywords and providing a professional, helpful online presence is vital.

But How Do I Know What People Are Searching For?

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When it comes to search engines, while the numbers might not be exact, you have a lot of great tools to use in your research of what people are searching for.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a great start in this process. While “law firms” may not actually get an exact one million searches per month, you will know that “law firms” is more popular keyword phrase over “law office” by using the Google Adwords Keyword Ideas tool.

Can I Just Pay to Rank for a Keyword?

You can always buy your way into the sponsored links section of Google using a platform called AdWords. Even if you don’t make it to the very top, which will depend on your budget and the competition for that keyword, having any presence in the first ten results on a page will be better than not being there at all!

How Social Beats Search

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So that’s search engine marketing. But when will social media marketing be better for your business than search engine marketing?

Social Media Marketing has made an increasing amount of progress in recent years. The power shift to consumers had a huge impact on businesses, but there are still many areas where Social Media can provide better results than Search Engine Optimization.

The same report from Econsultancy found that 75% of people in the 18-26 age group used social media recommendations during their product research. One example may be when someone likes your Facebook page or mentions you on Twitter by using your handle – this creates peer recommendation and starts conversations with others just like yourself who are looking into purchasing similar products or services as well!

When someone takes these actions, it’s almost like they’re providing you with a seal of approval. And that’s something that their connections will see and which may help your business get discovered.

Respond to Criticism in Real Time

One of the most serious problems when it comes to search engine results is not coming up at all, but if you’re lucky enough that does happen then there’s another problem: having something bad come up.

Online reputation management has been thriving thanks to rip off reports and other damaging articles about businesses popping up on Google or Yelp reviews because people who have their own agenda write them without any real evidence. Unfortunately, business owners can’t do anything in terms of countering these things from happening with a new SEO strategy within the same site as originals were published online so they’ll stay permanently ingrained after someone shares an article like this one subjectively without checking for validity first!

However, similar comments on social media in the form of critical comments or messages sent via these platforms, provides no need for panic! All you have to do is respond back quickly before they come across any other negative content that might make matters worse; this will likely turn their complaints into compliments instead since criticizing businesses isn’t very popular anymore especially among younger generations

Mentioning books such as The Now Revolution which discuss how companies should handle real-time crises through social media proves that staying informed has never been more important than now
And Yes You Can Buy Your Way in Front of Your Target Audience on Social Too!

Do you want to know the best way for new businesses, bands, or artists to get in front of their target audience? Social Media Advertising. There are many ways that social media advertising can be used including Facebook Ads and Promoted Tweets which will enable your company’s content reach a wide variety of people on different platforms such as Twitter and YouTube with just one click!

Why You Should Choose to Invest in Both Search and Social

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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. While the above mentioned points may make you believe that search engine marketing is better than social media, or vice versa, there’s a good reason to invest time and money into both strategies: You don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes down to getting results for your business.

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website (and if not now might be as good of a time as ever!), go take a look at what type of traffic sources are bringing leads or conversions – because more often than not, they are coming from multiple places – including Facebook!

While it may be true that you can’t rely on one source of traffic, when your time in search and social is well-balanced, the worst thing that could happen to any business would be for them to lose all visitors from either.

It’s possible to completely lose a single platform (though statistically unlikely), but if this happens with two sources of traffic then there are other ways you might still get people coming into your site at least once every few months or so.

And as Kristi Hines says on her blog post on SEO guru Neil Patel’s website

“Regardless of whether you fear the loss or your search engine traffic due to a penalty, or the loss of rankings to competitor’s because you misunderstood what caused Facebook remove your page, don’t let fear be your only motivator in diversifying between marketing efforts.”

Search Engine Marketing Actually Helps Social

Search engine optimisation doesn’t just help drive traffic to your website. The same keyword research and on-site optimization strategies you do, or have done for you for your website’s search engine marketing campaign can be used for your social media marketing.

Keyword Research for Social Media

Keyword usage is important in social media. Although you can’t find the specifics on how many people search for particular keywords on social media, you can use different tools to get a good idea. Have a look for “social media search terms” and you’ll find a lot of results like Wordstream.

On-Site Optimization for Social Media

You might have heard of “On-Site” optimisation for your website, but you can use the same principles for title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, and so forth to better optimize your social media profiles for search. For example, you can optimize Google+ for search (and thanks to Kristi Hines for these examples!)…

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Facebook pages...

The five steps to a better search page ranking for your social sites (as a general guide) are:

1. Get your profile name and description right, because this is one of the first things people see when they’re looking for you on social media sites.

2. Add keyword phrases in images that can be seen by Google’s Search Engine Optimization feature

3.”Customise” any graphics or photos with keywords so it will show up higher

4. Have less than 100 total words in your bio (exceptions include if you use Twitter)

5. Use specific hashtags instead of generic ones

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Twitter profiles…

And Of Course Social Media Marketing Also Helps Search

There are 2 main ways in which your social marketing helps search.

Better Reputation Management
What if you could get rid of a negative search result for your brand by simply creating an online presence? Sounds like something from the future, but it can be achieved with social media. So what are some good sites to start on? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and FourSquare all rank high in searches so they’re great places to begin!
If the only online properties created by you appear on the first page when someone searches for your brand name, then you are well on your way to creating a great first impression.

Confirm a Search Result is Trustworthy
Social media is an indispensable tool for any business today, and using it as a customer research outlet can be very helpful. It’s important to check out the top social posts from your competitors or compare yourself with them in order to see what they are doing right that you might not be aware of yet.

While almost two thirds of consumers still do their own product search on engines like Google before purchasing anything new, I know many other people who use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter first when researching companies they have never heard about before but want more information on so that makes sense why getting into these networks will ensure better odds at coming across my company than if I just took care of all marketing through one site alone!

When it comes to search engine marketing vs. social media marketing, which one do you put the majority of your energy towards? What ways do you think one is better than the other, and what ways do you see one helping the other?

A Guide to the Best Law Firm Website Design and SEO for Law Firms in Australia

law firm website design australia
law firm website design australia

Having worked with law firms for many decades, one of the most common questions we still get asked is whether spending time and money on a law firm website design is worthwhile? The second most asked question is whether there is value in obtaining SEO for law firms in Australia? 

The definitive answer to both questions, in our experience, is YES. Referrals from past clients and other professionals are great and often provide a good source of income. 

However, having your own lead generating website provides an evergreen income source independent of word of mouth referrals. Further, the best law firm website design has solid SEO foundations to make it far more likely your site will be found by your firm’s ideal clients.

As someone who has worked with the legal industry for many decades, I can honestly say that the competition amongst law firms (both online and offline) is increasing. To ignore your firm’s online presence in favour of continuing to target only word of mouth or professional referrals, is leaving your firm behind the pack. Your website can be the first opportunity for you to showcase your firm’s value, point of difference and reputation. This inevitably provides leads from a higher quality of client and a more diverse client base.

If you need help on how you can improve your presence on the internet, and how to land your pages on top of the search results, consult with a professional in law firm website design and specialist in SEO for law firms in Australia.

How does SEO for Law Firms Work?

When you collaborate with a company that offers specialised website design and SEO for law firms, the process will work like this: 

Initial Sessions

The initial sessions are discovery sessions, and this phase is where every website client’s journey should begin (although we are still surprised to hear that many web designers don’t take the time to do this). The initial sessions are discovery sessions, and this phase is where every website client’s journey should begin (although we are still surprised to hear that many web designers don’t take the time to do this). 

seo for law firms

The initial sessions are discovery sessions, and this phase is where every website client’s journey should begin (although we are still surprised to hear that many web designers don’t take the time to do this). 

Here, the emphasis is to gain an understanding of your business so that we can generate visibility for your firm to the right clients. We work with you to gain a clear understanding of your target market and your objective for them – what problems do they have and how can you help them to solve those problems?

We will ask you to give us information about your business, which our team will use to build SEO strategies specific to your firm. 

SEO Audit

The next step is creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results. Here, our team of analysts will review your existing online marketing SEO portfolios (if any). This could include your Google business account, current rankings, backlinks, internal and external links, and all the other types of links that matter for SEO.

Do you have a good idea of how your website performs on different mobile platforms? This is another important aspect that will be assessed. With search engines focussing more on usability (a group of metrics called Core Vitals by Google) we also consider your current page speed, contrast and readability of the content on your site. These are but a few of the items that need to be considered when optimising your site for better rankings. 


Keyword Research

Once we have gathered the information from you about your business, we identify the keywords (search terms) that are most relevant to your law practice. We need to gain an understanding of what keywords searchers use when looking for the legal services you provide? If your expertise is in personal injuries law for example, it will not assist you to get enquiries from people looking for a commercial lawyer.
Each legal specialty will have particular keywords which are relevant to that expertise. Do you practise in family law, criminal law, corporate law or banking? Are there restrictions on what your specialty can say on its website ? In Queensland for example there are quite significant restrictions around what words can be used on a law firm’s website.
We gain information on these search terms directly from Google (as one of the largest search engines in the world) and other sources which leads us to narrow down the most relevant and high quality buying keywords that deliver more real leads to your business.

Finalising the content and website

Once we reach agreement with you on the target search terms, our team will then guide you through the succeeding steps which are:

Content Development

Site Optimisation

Local Search SEO & Marketing

Buliding Links

Web Analytics

As a full service digital agency, we can curate optimised content for your website based on the best practices for SEO for law firms in Australia.
SEO for Law Firm australia

Best Practice for SEO for Law Firms

What are the best practices for SEO for law firms ? Here are ideas to incorporate as you craft and hone your strategy for legal search engine optimisation and which should form part of your ongoing investment in your website.

Understand Google through Trial and Error

Google ranks website pages in search results, and you have to comprehend how it does this job. You may not be able to fully unravel the algorithm it uses, but as experts in the field, we have a wealth of knowledge that gives us a fair idea of how Google works through our past trials and testing. 

The search engine’s task is to lead a searcher to the links that can give the best source of information for the searcher’s query. Some of the criteria that it uses to judge which links are the best include:
The above are a sample of the Google Ranking Factors. Once you have a full grasp of these things, you can readily optimise your law firm’s website in the right manner.

Focus on Your Local Area

After identifying the best keywords to use for your website, it is common to trim down the list with an eye to target your local area. Maximise the strength of those shortlisted keywords on your website by including them in the “high value” real estate on your website (the headings, the page titles etc). 

As a small to medium size law firm, your main objective is not to compete with big firms related to your business online – unless you have the budget to match them. Initially at least, your target demographic is your immediate community around your area. This will allow you to build locally first, and then expand as your business and website authority grows.

Clint’s business is now thriving thanks to his investment in targeted website redesign services and choosing to work with an SEO Specialist in Brisbane – find out what he did!


Clint's BUSINESS is THRIVING thanks to Targeted Website Redesign Services and choosing to work with an SEO Specialist in Brisbane - find out how he did it here!

Do you wonder what an SEO Specialist can do as part of their website redesign services and whether it would help to grow your Brisbane based business? Or does the term “SEO” confuse you – sure you’ve heard of it, but maybe you think it’s something that only big businesses need. And why on Earth would you get your website redesigned ? After all you you paid someone to “design” it for you – isn’t that enough? Clint had these exact thoughts but the phone still wasn’t ringing as much as he wanted and his Fisher & Paykel appliance repair and service business was just surviving.  

Then a chance meeting with a website designer who knew the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) led him to take the plunge and invest in himself and the growth of his business.  His website now has a user friendly layout, looks much more professional than most of his competitor’s sites and is targeting his ideal customers.  Did the investment pay off? You bet – look at the chart above – this shows how many more “search terms” or “keywords” that Clint’s website ranks for after the work. “So what”, I hear you say ? What does that mean? 

Those extra “search term” rankings translated into more people finding his website and giving him a call. Clint’s business is now thriving and he’s booked out most days. Clint doesn’t worry about the survival of his business or putting paying the bills – in fact, he finds it hard now to take time off!

affordable seo for small business

Here are 5 Things That Improved Clint's website - AKA SEO Internet Marketing Fundamentals

We’ll be sharing more about each of these concepts in articles to come. But in case you’re wondering what they’re about, here’s a short snippet about each. And don’t worry about the dollars – each of these concepts can and should absolutely be part of every affordable SEO package for your small business.

Finding your customers’ voice 

This is at the heart of every good site design – or at least it should be! 

The way search engines connect a customer with YOUR website is through the words used.  You need to find out what those words are. That way its easy for Google and other engines to know that your website will answer the question or solve the problem the searcher (YOUR customer) has. 

If you can do this better than your competitors, then your website will be actively working for you and your customers will be calling you. 

Structure and Layout

When your customer finds your website it needs to be clear that you can solve their problem. 

Nobody has time to go clicking through multiple pages or reading lots of text.

For Clint this meant that he had to make it clear that he was the guy that could fix all types of Fisher & Paykel appliances in Brisbane. 

He also made sure that his customers’ usual questions (eg. price, availability) were all answered in easy to find places on his site. 

He knows this led to him being chosen by quite a few customers.

Keeping it Simple

The other thing Clint’s web designer did was make sure that each page or article had a clear focus. That meant that it was easy to read for his customers. 

But what the web designer knew was that it also made it easy for search engines to know what each page was about ie. appliance repairs in Brisbane. 

You see it is pages or posts that get shown to a customer – not the whole website but a particular page that the search engine thinks will help the searcher (YOUR customer) answer their question.

Getting Connected Online

A lot of people think that if they have a website then that’s all they need to do to be “online”.

Clint had a website but it wasn’t really adding value to his business. His SEO specialist was able to explain that the more times his website and business appeared online, the more REAL his business looked to Google and the more likely it was that his site would be chosen when someone searched.

Clint actively added to his online presence – the simplest one being connecting his site to a Google My Business listing. 

This is one way of getting affordable SEO for your small business in Brisbane or elsewhere.

Going the Distance

Clint started with a website but then did nothing else. As part of the website redesign services, Clint chose to get a plan for regular updates and additions to his website so that his business looked current and active online. 

Search engines love websites that change over time. If you’re looking for information, do you want to get an article from 5 years ago, or something published in the last few months? 

Search engines know we all want current info which is why they prioritise sites that actively update and add content which is what Clint has been doing. SEO for small business can be affordable if done by an SEO specialist.

WordPress or a Website Builder site (like Wix)?


SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the key to gaining better ranking on search engines like Google and getting online traffic (your customers) to your website. A great SEO foundation in a CMS (content management system) plays a crucial part in how easily customers will find your website.

Many of our clients come to us having built their website with a website builder like Wix. As an easy to use, cheap option it can be great for a small business that will generate enough leads through foot traffic (via a bricks and mortar store) or through traffic from social media accounts and word of mouth. However, if your business growth needs more customers than these sources provide, then independent research (and the discussions we have with other website design professionals) shows that a Wix website will be very unlikely to gain traction and rank competitively against the WordPress sites your competitors might have.

Choosign a WordPress website or website builder site like Wix for search engine optimsation can be a difficult decision

For a great comparison of the features of both a WordPress and Wix site in terms of SEO capability have a look at this article from Tyler Horvath or this article from Mark Spera.

If you’re worried about having to pay for ongoing updates to your WordPress site, then don’t. WordPress content updates can be done by almost anyone with a little training. As part of our website build package we provide you with basic training so that you can add content to your site yourself, and update details as needed without having to engage us to do that for you. We can also provide you with some basic SEO training so that your updated content is still delivering the best search engine results to help your business grow.

SEO is a complex subject and in our view (and yes, we are a little biased) search engine optimisation strategy should be a part of any great website design from the start. However, if you’re determined to start your business with a Wix site (or something similar) then as your business grows, you could consider our website redesign services to improve ranking at that stage. If budget is your primary reason for not engaging a professional website designer when you’re starting out, then please contact us and let’s see if we can work out a financially responsible solution for you. We don’t want to take your start up capital that could be better spent in other areas. However, we are also passionate about helping your new business succeed and can tailor packages to suit your budget and make the investment in a quality professionally designed website achievable now.

Whichever way you choose to go, there are pros and cons. Getting customers to your business is key to its success especially in the early stages when it’s relatively unknown in the market. A great website that ranks well in major search engines, can be a big boost to getting your brand into the market, and can provide that valuable social proof that can drive sales and see you achieve success in your new venture.

It costs nothing to have a chat with us about your options so Contact Us today and let’s see how we can help your business succeed.