WordPress or a Website Builder site (like Wix)?

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the key to gaining better ranking on search engines like Google and getting online traffic (your customers) to your website. A great SEO foundation in a CMS (content management system) plays a crucial part in

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responsive website design affordable website design

Why do I need a responsive website and what is a responsive website ?

When we talk about a responsive website we’re talking about a website design that is more than just a mobile friendly website. A responsive website design will adapt and look good on various mobile devices but will also remain easy to navigate and easy to view on all devices regardless of their size. In that way, a responsive website design maintains its functionality regardless of the device being used where a mobile friendly website design might not.

A responsive website design will also usually load faster which can boost your ranking and minimise the chances of your customers clicking off in frustration. In this day and age, social sharing can really help you to grow a bigger audience – with a responsive web design social sharing can be easier.

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